Hello all. I’m writing this review regarding Nicolas Geman of Fisher & Associates performance on a probation case that I had this year. Now you have to understand how difficult it can be for an attorney to defend someone who has already been found guilty. Being as I was already on probation for DUI and probation hearings almost always find for the probation officers side because there no requirement of absolute proof in this type of hearing. I hired Mr. Geman to actually protect me from an extremely overzealous probation officer who threatened to revoke me everytime I saw her–for no reason. After realizing that she could destroy my life with the stroke of a pen just because she wanted to, I hired Nic. I’ve had attorneys before and it always happens that eventually, they get harder and harder to reach until you feel lucky if you can get a hold of them before your court date. That NEVER happened with Mr. Geman. My calls were always returned in a timely manner. That’s just a comforting feeling to know that the person you hired to protect you thinks enough of you to make sure he gets back to you and has answers for you. He has confidence in himself and it comes through when you talk to him. Competency is something you just recognize when you see it. I liked his attitude and I felt absolutely comfortable with my situation being worked out by him . As of last week, I’m totally off any probation, UA’s, BA’s…..its over. And its over on time. This would absolutely not have been the case without him. He did a great job, was always honest and straight up about what we were looking at, what my options were and what he could do about it. For this, I am truly grateful. I’m married and have worked very hard in life to get where im at and just didnt need anymore complications because some probation officer had some bone to pick. Nick is all Aces in my book. Thanks Nick!

– R.B.