Fisher & Associates is by far the best law firm in Denver. I emailed a few places one night inquiring about a charge I was facing in court in about a month. I was nervous because I had never before in my life hired a lawyer or faced jail time. I have a two year old I care for on my own and was surprised and outraged when I was hauled off to jail for two days when I randomly got pulled over for something hanging off my rear view mirror. I could write a book on that day but getting back to my lawyer search: One of the “big time” places NEVER got back to me by email or phone, even when I called following up on my email because a friend recommended him. Another place simply emailed me back asking if I was planning on retaining a lawyer (DUH?). And the other party that called me back was some receptionist I just could not understand.

Fisher & Associates on the other hand called me first thing the next morning  and listened to my issue, explained the ticket, and the possible/probable outcomes, and basically just lifted the giant weight I had been carrying around off my shoulders. We set up a meeting and it was smooth sailing from there. There was a total of two, ten minute court visits after that and my case was dropped to a 0 point traffic violation, with a $75 fine. No jail time, no misdemeanor, basically nothing. They even offered  help on the court date regarding the violation of probation charge I received due to the ticket that was dropped earlier. (They drove all the way to Castle Rock, and will do it again in May for the rescheduled hearing). They are competent to say the least. They definitely know their stuff. They also do thorough research even if they thinks they knows their stuff (for my case they referred back to a case in 1988 when another woman was pulled over, charged and convicted of pretty much the same thing. Which gave me even more piece of mind 1.because her outcome was good and 2. because that just reinforced and proved that my lawyers were working hard for me).

That is not however the only reason I would call them the best lawyer in Denver. Any type of person can go to law school and look up old cases. Attorneys of Fisher & Associates are personable, loyal, and has integrity. They cares to get to know YOU and makes sure you are at ease through the entire process. They makes sure that you understand everything that has happened, and will happen. They calls their clients, and responds to emails and phone calls in a prompt manner.  I will absolutely recommend Fisher & Associates to anyone looking for a great lawyer and they will be the only law firm I use in the future (knock on wood).

– L.T.