Fisher & Associates gave me my life back again. Here I am prepping my calendar for the new year. It has occurred to me I am free to do whatever I want this year. I normally travel quite a bit and now I am free to do as I please. No begging for pre approved travel requests for only the absolute necessary trips, no calling in every day, no BA’s and no humiliating UA’s. Yes, people make mistakes. I am one of them. I made a bad choice one evening and my life changed drastically for almost two years. I say almost because I found Fisher & Associates. It is one thing making a mistake and paying your debt. I now have a black mark on my otherwise clean record. I attended all the classes they wanted me to do, fulfilled the community service and oh, don’t forget all those little costs for everything along the way. That’s just the beginning. Yet, it is quite another thing when our justice system keeps you in the system only because I am doing everything right! It would be a shame to lose the money they can generate off me by letting me go. My first Probation Officer planted the seed that I could pursue early termination of probation. However, when the time came (and a different PO later) I was told that I had to wait because of a new policy (that to this day no one can verify). Enter Fisher and Associates to the rescue. They know the system. They are extremely professional and skillful. They will listen to your case and go to work for you. Their sheer determination alone is worth hiring them. They are a bulldog when They have to be. I can only imagine the ridiculous number of phone calls and follow-ups they had to make on my behalf. I would never have been free of this if I had to go it alone. I am grateful for their perseverance. I would highly recommend Fisher & Associates!

– J.G.