DUI & Marijuana Criminal Defense in Denver, Boulder,

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The laws surrounding medical and recreational marijuana use in Colorado are complex. You may believe that you are complying with all applicable requirements until the police arrive, and then suddenly you realize you are facing serious charges that can end your business, threaten your property, and derail your life.

Don’t let an overzealous police force paint you as a criminal. You are a patient seeking treatment for a debilitating condition or a legitimate businessman trying to make a living, or a recreational user. You need a Denver drug defense lawyer who can represent you in the proper way, point out where police overstepped their bounds, and show that any infractions are minor.

Fisher & Associates P.C. is an aggressive, dedicated Denver drug defense law firm committed to doing whatever it takes to protect your rights and limit the creeping authority of police and courts. Please call (303) 647-5854 or email us today to schedule a consultation.

Medical Marijuana Is a Constitutional Right in Colorado

The State of Colorado and many municipalities have passed laws that allow the growing, selling, possession, and use of marijuana for medical purposes. However, in the minds of many police officers and others in the criminal justice system, marijuana is still considered an illegal drug that is grown by cartels, sold by profiteers, and used by degenerates. Marijuana was criminalized primarily due to prejudice against people of Spanish and Native American dissent who were its primary users, and that prejudice persists to this day.

As a result, many police officers are constantly looking for an excuse to disrupt marijuana-related business and arrest all those involved. You may find yourself on the wrong side of the law for a so-called infraction that is nothing more than a matter of perception, such as whether a given plant is “mature” or not, or a dispute over the exact weight of marijuana in your possession.

Remember that marijuana is still illegal under federal law. While current administrative guidelines to the federal prosecutors say that they should not pursue dispensaries, patients & recreational users who conform to state laws, that can still change. Fisher & Associates does not represent clients in Federal Court for these charges.

How We Can Help

The aggressive, dedicated criminal defense Law Firm of Fisher & Associates is built around the conviction that every person is entitled to the full measure of their rights, no matter what crime they are accused of, or who the accuser is. We represent:

Who are being charged with a crime related to their growth, sale, or possession of marijuana.

Why You Want Fisher & Associates P.C.

Fisher & Associates is a law firm who focuses exclusively on Criminal Defense & Personal Injury. The depth of their knowledge and defense experience set them apart from many lawyers who advertise their services and may take criminal defense as a sideline source of revenue. They are well-known by area police, district attorneys, and judges who understand what they can do for their clients and respect their work.

Unlike many firms where you pay premium fees for a big name only to get an associate who has had no time to handle your case. Experienced attorneys at Fisher & Associates will give your case the full attention it deserves–and needs to get the results you desire. They will listen to your personal goals and craft a defense strategy designed to ensure you get the most favorable resolution possible from your perspective.

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