DUI & Criminal Defense in Denver, Boulder & Colorado Springs

The Law Office of Fisher & Associates is a dedicated DUI & Criminal Defense law firm that will work to defend you and your rights to the fullest extent. No matter the crime you have been accused of, no matter your personal situation, you are entitled to the full measure of protection the law provides. Fisher & Associates has Denver DUI attorneys who will commit themselves to your case, their legal training, and their experience in the criminal justice system to your defense.

A criminal accusation can change your life. Even before you go to trial, old friends and family may turn their backs on you. But Fisher & Associates will not, they will defend your rights and your life, no matter the accusation. To learn how he can help you, please call (303) 647-5854 or email him today.

Cases We Handle

At Fisher  & Associates, we handle a wide variety of criminal defense cases, including misdemeanor and felony charges. These cases include:

  • DUI
  • DWAI
  • Theft, Fraud, and Computer crime
  • Medical Marijuana and Related Offenses
  • Drug Offenses, including Possession, Distribution and Conspiracy
  • Assault
  • Domestic Violence
  • Traffic Violations
  • Indecency, obscenity, prostitution and solicitation
  • Probation Violation
  • Municipal Offenses, including
    • — Drunk and Disorderly Conduct
    • — Alcohol and Open Container Violations
    • — Obstruction of Justice

If you do not see your charge in the list above or are not sure what category it belongs in, we invite you to give us a call at (303) 647-5854 and ask us personally whether we can help.

Our representation also doesn’t stop if you are convicted. Our Denver criminal defense lawyers can help you in a number of ways, including:

  • Post-conviction remedies
  • Appealing from municipal to district court
  • Sealing and expungement
  • Early termination of probation

These actions may be able to help you reduce your sentence and potentially erase a conviction from your record.

Why You Need a Denver Criminal Defense Lawyer

The Criminal system is complicated. It’s supposed to be–the rules are set up to protect the poor, minorities, and other unpopular members of society from illegal persecution. But if you don’t understand the rules, they can also work against you. The police and district attorneys understand the system and know how to work it against you. You need someone on your side that knows the system equally well and how to use it in your defense. You need a Denver criminal defense lawyer.

And you should choose a criminal defense attorney who is personally and professionally dedicated to your defense. Fisher & Associates is as dedicated as they come. He has experience handling high-profile defendants, from domestic terrorists to local business leaders to professional athletes, in cases of drug trafficking, violent crimes, DUI, conspiracy, and others. He is prepared to commit himself to your defense.

To learn how The Law Office of Fisher & Associates can help you, please contact us today.