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Matthew Cordle’s Drunk Driving Confession

Matthew Cordle - Denver DUI attorney.orgOn Wednesday September 18th in Columbus Ohio, Matthew Cordle, 22 years old, pleaded guilty to operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol and aggravated vehicular homicide as promised in his earlier confession video that went viral. How now faces two 8 and a half year sentences in prison, and a loss of driving privileges for life.

He was originally confronted by police in the hospital after the accident being told he killed a man. Cordle then became irate an yelling out that he didn’t kill anybody and that he was not going to submit a blood sample.

Cordle immediately got sober after the incident and checked himself into rehab. He then experienced a change of heart and overwhelming guilt. Quickly he decided to plead guilty and own up his actions by first posting a confession video on September 3rd stating his intentions to plead guilty. “My name is Matthew Cordle, and on June 22, 2013, I hit and killed Vincent Canzani,” he says somberly. “This video will act as my confession.”

Today, he made good on his word in court, speaking very little except to answer the judges questions as “yes your honor”, such as the question, “So I would say this was a binge drinking situation, correct, Mr. Cordle?” Asked by Franklin County Judge David Fais.

After last week’s hearing, Canzani’s daughter told a TV station the attention the case has gotten is forcing her to relive what happened. Angela Canzani told WCMH-TV in Columbus that people seem to forget a person died. “He’ll be the first person to tell you anytime you sit down and talk with Matthew that this is not about him, it is about the Canzani family,” defense attorney George Breitmayer said. “He’s just trying to make something good come out of a terrible, terrible situation.”

Matthew denied his opportunity to post bond at $255,000 and is not trying to fight any of the charges. His attorneys are only asking that he receive a fair sentence. The only thing the attorneys are requesting on behalf of Matthew is that he be allowed one televised interview in jail for the purpose of turning this tragic event into an educational opportunity to share his story with others in the hopes people will think twice before drinking and driving.

Most people tend to think the only consequences of drunk driving is possibly getting a DUI, having to spend a little time in jail, possible losing their license and in the worst case, losing their job. However, we are reminded that it goes way beyond that. One single choice has changed the lives of the Canzini family, the Cordle family and ended the life of Vincent Canzini. In reality, those who temporarily lose their license and spend a couple days in jail are the lucky ones, for they hopefully received a wakeup call that could have ended much worse.

The video was filmed Sept. 3, and the version posted on YouTube has been viewed more than 2.1 million times. It begins with Cordle’s face blurred as he describes how he has struggled with depression and was simply trying to have a good time with friends going “from bar to bar” the night of the accident. He then describes how he ended up driving into oncoming traffic on Interstate 670. Cordle’s face becomes clear as he reveals his name and confesses to killing Canzani. There is no doubt about his sincerity within the video, but some people such as prosecuting attorney O’Brien said any further interviews would be self-serving. O’Brien also disputed Cordle’s assertion in the confessional video that he could have fought the case against him, which O’Brien called “a slam dunk.”

Matthew ends the video by pleading with viewers not to drink and drive. Our thoughts prayers ultimately go out to the Canzini family.

Update: Matthew was sentenced on Wednesday October 23rd for his Drunk Driving actions. Click the link to see part two of this post.

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