“Drive High, Get a DUI”

marijuana dui

On Thursday, March 6, the Colorado Department of Transportation unveiled their”Drive High, get a DUI” campaign.

January had 60 CSP (Colorado State Patrol) citations issued for drivers suspected of using marijuana, which is nearly 15% of all DUI’s for the month of January.

The Denver Police Department stated that it takes a lot of time and money to train officers in becoming DRE’s (Drug Recognition Experts).  However, this is just a portion of what the nearly expected $100 million yearly tax revenue will put towards, including other anti-pot education campaigns.

Currently there are 200 DRE’s in Colorado with another 20 more being trained this week.  Anybody pulled over who is suspected of being high may have to wait for a DRE to arrive at the scene for a drug evaluation.

How legal and accurate is the DRE training for arresting suspected drivers?  is there a sure way to test the levels of THC before being arrested?  These and other important questions are just a portion of the State’s growing pains relating to the new Colorado marijuana laws.

If you get pulled over for suspected “high” driving, we recommend you exercise your right to remain silent and contact a specialized Marijuana DUI Attorney.